This is the official homepage for AutoCash, a simple and intuitive cashing system. It has been developed for use at a gastronomical environment and has been used successfully at the annual feast of the fire brigades of Erlach/Austria. It was and is developed with the programming language Java and published under the terms of the GNU General Public License. A copy of this license is contained within the file you may download.


You may download the program from here. Please read the license before you download the program. If you need the Java runtime environment, you may purchase it from here


For installing the program, put the downloaded file in a directory of your choice, extract the file `install.bat' (for Windows) or `' (for *nix) (most modern zip-Utilities understand the jar-format) and execute it. The file you should call for invocation of the program is called `AutoCash.bat' or `' respectively. If you encounter any problems with these file, you might change them as you need (e.g. insert a path to the java executable). It would work to call the downloaded file too, but that waists memory and thus is slower.

System Requirements

You'll need a Java Runtime Environment (1.4.1_02 was tested successfully, others should work too) and a Computer with more than a Petium at 200MHz and 48MB of RAM. This is a minimal (and tested!) configuration, but it works ok for normal people ;)


Within the downloaded file, there is a manual included and extracted when installing the program to the sub-directory `info/'


Please send any bugs, questions (only those not covered by the manual, please), requests to the item most appropriate you find here. If you want to contribute (translations, code, artwork,... almost everything is welcome), you may also find further information there.

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